Last updated: 5/29/2021

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BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card

Earns: Bitcoin


Other cards can offer more cash back, but they all earn fiat currency. If you goal is stacking sats as easily as possible, this could be a good card for you. If you don’t know what these words mean, then you should look elsewhere.

This card is best for:

  • All Spending

Here’s how much you would earn with this card

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You could earn Worth Plus Welcome Bonus Total
{{totalPointsYouCouldEarn | number}} Bitcoin
per year
${{totalPointsYouCouldEarnValue | number}} {{welcomeBonus | number}} points
worth ${{welcomeBonusValue | number}}
${{totalValueToUser | number}}

How’d we figure that out?

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${{categoryBonusAmount.bonus | number}}{{categoryBonusAmount.category }} ({{categoryBonusAmount.multiplier}}%x)

${{ | number}}{{categoryDiscount.category}} Credit

${{merchantCreditAmount | number}}Merchant Discounts

${{welcomeBonusAmount | number}}Welcome Bonus

Annual Fee${{annualFeeAmount | number}}

All Other ({{card.card.earning_rate}}%x) All Spending ({{card.card.earning_rate}}%x) ${{basePointsAmount | number}}

Merchant Bonus ({{merchantsBonusAmounts[0].multiplier}}%x)${{merchantBonusAmount | number}}

{{categoryBonusAmount.category }} ({{categoryBonusAmount.multiplier}}%x)${{categoryBonusAmount.bonus | number}}

Welcome Bonus${{welcomeBonusAmount | number}}


  • No annual fee.
  • One of the best cards for earning rewards in Bitcoin.
  • Exposure to huge possible Bitcoin upside.


  • Other cash back cards can earn more.
  • Exposure to huge possible Bitcoin downside.

See how the BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card compares to other credit cards

BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card Other Cards

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Reward Rate = 1.5x

Value = 1 cent per point
Effective Value = 1.5 %


Welcome Bonus = 25,000

Value = 1 cent per point
Effective Value = $250


Annual Fee = $0

Welcome Bonus


Bonus Rating


After you spend $3,000 in 3 months

GigaInfo about Welcome Bonuses Welcome Bonuses 101 Article
Spending Rewards
1.5x All Spending




In the top 50% of cards.

Is this card right for me?

That depends on your individual spending patterns. We have a tool that figures it out for you. Learn what you could earn.

Program Name
Gigapoints Value
1¢ per point
Other Card Information

3.5% Bitcoin rewards rate for the first 90 days.

Annual Fee
  • $0
Use this card for…

You can earn more rewards by using different cards for different purchases. We built a tool that tells you which card to use, when. Just plug in your favorite brand, store, or category to find out which card pays the most.

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Additional perks of owning this card

Stablecoin Bonus

Cardholders with stablecoin assets such as GUSD, PAX, or USDC in a BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) can earn up to an extra 2% APY on top of the prevailing stablecoin APY.

Trading Bonus

The BlockFi credit card makes trading on BlockFi even more rewarding. Cardholders who trade cryptocurrencies on our platform will earn 0.25% of their trading volume back in Bitcoin, up to a maximum of $500 in BTC every single month.