Create an account and securely connect your cards

It only takes a few seconds to sign up for a GigaPoints account. Next, link your credit cards to your account, so we can do a secure, confidential spending analysis. We use Plaid®, just like Venmo and American Express, to manage the connection to your bank. We never see your username or password, and we get read-only access to do our analysis. You can add multiple credit cards, from virtually any issuer. The more spending we can analyze, the more accurate your recommendations.

Our algorithm goes to work

The patent-pending GigaPoints system analyzes your spending and models that against hundreds of credit cards and their unique attributes. We take into account dozens of variables including:

  • Annual fees
  • Sign-up bonuses: The points, miles or money you get for opening an account.
  • Category bonuses and credits: Extras you get for spending on, say, groceries or gas.
  • Merchant bonuses and credits
  • Additional perks and benefits: Everything from airport lounge access to food-delivery memberships.
  • Foreign transaction fees
  • Additional variables

After we calculate how many points, miles or other credits you could have earned with each card, we translate that into a dollar value that makes it easy to compare cards.

You get the perfect card for your needs

We give you a ranked list of the cards that pay the most rewards for your spending, whether in credits, cash back, frequent flyer miles, loyalty points or some other form. We make it easy to filter and prioritize the list. Want cash back instead of points? No problem. Looking for a card with a 0% Intro APR? We’ll show you that and tell you which card will earn you the most.

Still have questions? See our FAQ or send us an email