GigaPoints Announces New “Best Card For…” Tool

New feature is available today to all users to search for best cards in categories such as online shopping, dining, gas, grocery, travel and more

SAN FRANCISCO (November 17, 2020)— GigaPoints, a new platform that provides personalized credit card recommendations based on a user’s spending, announced today its new feature, Best Card For… The new tool lets users search for any type of spending and see which credit cards earn the most rewards or cash back in that category.  Whether you’re trying to find the best card for groceries or home repair, travel or holiday shopping—or even a specific brand or company—GigaPoints can instantly find the best card. 

How It Works:

  • Type any category (such as travel, dining, groceries) or merchant (including  e-commerce websites, retail stores, airlines) into the “Best Card For…” tool.
  • Using GigaPoints’ proprietary credit card database, the tool shows the best choices for options, as well as  how much cash back, points or miles a user can earn. 
  • Users can filter the list based on their own preferences (like no annual fee, Intro APR, etc.) to pinpoint the best card for them.

“Before we built  this tool, consumers had to sift through countless blog posts, fake reviews, sponsored sites, and ads to evaluate a credit card, ” said Erik Budde, CEO and Founder, GigaPoints. “The new offering uses GigaPoints’ proprietary AI and our extensive database of credit card systems to show you the best card in each category. And if you want to find the card that earns you the most across all of your spending, our algorithm will quickly analyze your spending to find the best card for you.

For consumers seeking more insight on the best card for their spending habits, GigaPoints launched its signature credit card recommendation engine earlier this year. Users can log into the GigaPoints site and securely identify the cards that will reward them the most. The new “Best Cards For…” tool from GigaPoints is another resource from the growing fintech disruptor.

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About GigaPoints

GigaPoints is a data-driven credit card comparison platform that gives consumers a fast, easy and secure way to get highly personalized credit card recommendations so they can earn the most rewards possible for their spending. Founded in 2020, the company was built from Founder/CEO Erik Budde’s passion for helping consumers maximize their credit-card benefits. GigaPoint’s patent-pending technology analyzes a user’s spending, mapping it to hundreds of credit cards and their unique rewards systems.