All of my friends know how passionate I am about credit cards, points and miles. I’m the guy at the party that will spend an hour discussing the pros and cons of Starwood points and, consequently, people either come flocking over or run away as fast as they can. This love has let me help countless friends, but also saved me thousands of dollars and opened up a world of free travel. We’ve flown First Class to Europe for $5.60, stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Kyoto for free (probably the nicest hotel I’ve ever been to) and flown friends and family to gatherings they may not have otherwise attended.

But during that time, I’ve always sought a way to share these benefits with a wider audience. Along with a great team of engineers, designers and marketers, we are building the ideal tool to find the best credit card for your specific needs. Our algorithm goes way beyond the information any one person can keep in their head, much less accurately customize and explain at a party.

There are over 1,000 major credit cards available in the United States today and there is intense competition for your business. Card companies offer huge sign-up bonuses, free credits and extra incentives for certain types of spend. If you eat out and travel a lot, there is a card customized for you. If you spend most of your money on groceries and gas, there is a totally different card that is just right. With just a few simple steps, our algorithm will analyze your categories, compare annual fees and point values and find the perfect card for your needs.

I’m excited to share this product with you. I hope you’ll give it a try and let me know what you think (

Thanks for your interest!

-Erik Budde